Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Most Used Kitchen Tools

When it comes to working in the kitchen there are many different tools that I use.  I love them all, but here are the five that I use the most!

1.       Food Tongs.-  These OXO 12" softworks nylon-head tongs are used almost every day in my kitchen.  They have a locking feature that makes it easy to place in your kitchen utensil holder or hang them up.  The soft nylon ends of these tongs can take high heat and they are non-stick!  With these tongs also being dishwasher safe and around $10 you can’t beat them.
2.       Chef knife-  I love my Wüsthof Classic 8" Hollow-Ground Chef’s Knife!  This professional grade chef knife makes it easy to chop anything.  It is a little pricy but well worth it!  I have been using Wüsthof knives since culinary school and I would not buy anything else.
3.       Wooden cutting board-  A cutting board is essential in any kitchen. I like wooden cutting boards because they are easy on my chef knives and they are easy to clean and sanitize
4.       Mixer-  I am currently working on my baking skills so my Kitchenaid mixer has been getting a lot of play time   I bought this mixer because of the endless attachments.  You can get attachments for this mixer like a pasta press, shredder or even sausage stuffer.
5.       Food processor- This Ninja Pulse kitchen system get used for so many things in my house.  We make tons of smoothies!  One reason I love this system is because of the single severing blending cups.  They will come in handy when I start making my own baby food.

Kitchen tools are what makes my kitchen go round and I get good use out of these five!
                                                What are some of your most used kitchen gadgets?


  1. I too love my Kichten Aide Mixer. I love to use it around the holidays to make pies and cookies. I have a "go to" small fry pan as well...great for cooking up eggs and sauteing onions and peppers. Can't wait to get back into the kitchen for the holidays.

    Thanks for posting Gina!~!~

  2. I want a kitchenaid mixer so bad!!

  3. Thanks for reading my most used kitchen tools!!

  4. Thanks for reading my most used kitchen tools!!


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