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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Clay Christmas Tree Ornaments

The Christmas season has officially started!

Even though my husband and I bought our Christmas tree a week before Thanksgiving I was not allowed to decorate it until 12 am Thanksgiving night. So instead of decorating the tree, I made decorations for the tree!

Me and my crafty neighbors were at it again. My friend Kara, over at Happy Go Lucky, gave me the inspiration behind making these clay ornaments! All of our ornaments came out great! These didn't take much time at all and they would be great to make with kids.

To make these ornaments all you need is:
  1. Clay
  2. Christmas cookie cutter ( to make the monogram snow flakes)
  3. Foam letters ( to make the monogram snow flakes)
  4. A beer glass & shot glass ( to make the owls)
  5. Buttons (to make the owls)
  6. Skewer or anything with a pointed end ( to make the owls) 
  7. Glue gun
  8. Mod podge & paint
Once you have all your supplies, roll out your clay. To make the monogram snow flakes cut out your shape and use the foam letters to make an indent of the letter you want. Also poke a small hole at the top of your ornament for the string.Bake at 275* for 15 mins. Oh and make sure that you don't bake the ornament with the foam letter on. The foam letter will shrink. Let cool and then paint with glitter mod podge. Once dry place your foam letter in the indent.
To make the owl ornaments use a beer glass and cut a circle in the clay. Use a shot glass to make the wing indents. Poke holes with the skewer in between the wings. Then place half of the shot glass on the top and cut a half circle. Bake at 275* for 15 mins. Once cool paint your owls. Wait until it drys and then apply the glitter mod podge. The button eyes go on last once everything is dry.

These were so much fun to make. I do think next time I will make them a little thicker. I originally made six but one of my snow flakes was too thin and broke at the top after I baked it. Making these ornaments are going to become a family tradition for me and my little girl once she is old enough to know better then to put the clay in her mouth.

What fun holiday ornaments are you making this year?

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  1. Oh, this is so cute!!!
    Would you like to come and share it at Foodies & Crafties Soirée
    I am going to do a round-up post with DIY Xmas ornaments shared at the party and I would love to include yours. It is so pretty, love it:)
    Gosia | Kiddie Foodies


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