Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fun Food Facts A-Z is a little different this week! When trying to think of food that started with the letter D all I could think of was donuts, duck and dragon fruit. While all those foods are great, none of them inspired me to want to write a post.
So what to do..........Decoupage starts with the letter D! Oh but, it is not a food :( Well if you are like me then you know when inspiration strikes you have to go with it! So for this week Fun Food Facts A-Z has been temporally changed to, Fun Craft Facts A-Z! I will share some fun tips, instructions and some decoupage projects that will make you want to try it yourself this weekend!

1. So what does decoupage mean?

  •  The technique of decorating a surface with cutouts, as of paper.
  •  A creation produced by this technique.                  
                    ( Definition from    

2. Don't have a surplus of pretty card stock paper lying around?!?!?!?! You can use almost anything to decoupage! Try cutting pictures out of magazines, old books, old cards, wrapping paper or dried flowers! You can even print out a free image from Google!

3. It can get very messy! Protect the surface you are working on and keep a damp cloth nearby!

4. If you are going to print a photo to decoupage, DON'T use an inkjet printer. The ink will smudge when you apply your glue. :(

5. When using white glue try adding equal parts water and glue. It will help the glue spread easier and more evenly.

6.  I love modge podge! The best thing about using modge podge for your decoupage projects, is that it comes in different finishes! Oh and I've recently been seeing small bottles of modge podge in my local dollar stores!

7. Decoupaging can be the easiest way to upcycle something! You can use almost any medium you can think of! My last decoupage upcycle project was my, canvas makeover! It turned out so well for trying decoupage for the first time.

8. Patients are the key to decoupaging. Allowing each coat to dry completely before starting the next, results in better looking projects.

9. How to decoupage:
  •  Decide what your medium is going to be. It can be anything; wood, furniture, glass, canvas, etc.
  • Grab up all your supplies; glue or modge podge, your cutouts or photos, your medium paint brush, something to smooth on your cutouts (I like to use Popsicle sticks) and a damp cloth.
  • Before you start gluing place your cutouts where you want them to go. Measure or sketch your idea out on the medium. Make sure everything lines up just they way you want it. It does not work well if you try to peel something off!
  • Coat your medium and back of cutouts. Place there where you want them and smooth down your cutouts.
  • Once all the cutouts are in place, coat the whole project. Allow to completely dry.
  • Coat again until desired look, allowing it to dry between coats.

10. These decoupage project below are amazing! Which one is your favorite? They are all my favorite!!

Do you have any awesome decoupage projects? If so I wanna hear about them!

Did you miss letters A-C? Don't worry I got ya covered.....just click below!


  1. Great information! Thanks for sharing the how to on Snickerdoodle Sunday.

    1. Hi Beverly! Thanks for dropping in! I'll see you at the next Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  2. These are super cute. My mom was the decoupage queen. She would have loved these ideas.

    1. Hi Ginger! Glad you like the piece! Thanks for coming by!

  3. How fun! I actually stared a decoupage project over the weekend - my first time trying it. Thanks for your tips! Have a great week!

    1. Hi Laurie! You will have to let me know how your decoupage project turned out! Super excited to see it! Thanks for coming over and giving Always Savory some love!

  4. Love these craft ideas especially the apples, very cute! I'll have to try this out with my kids, they love crafting. :)

    1. Hello Bernadyn! I can't wait to craft with my little one. She is a bit to young to craft yet! Let me know what your little one thinks of decoupaging! Thanks for coming by!

  5. I have got to try this! I can't pick one either! Though I'm partial to jars! ;) Found your post over @ #OMHGWW Thanks for sharing!
    Kristine :)

  6. I love decoupage! Thank you for the tips. The jars are great.

  7. I love these pictures and learning more about Decoupage which I might try out. If I do I can have some Donuts as it would cover the d in food.

  8. Thank you for sharing and joining our Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday Link Party. Have a great day, co-host Evija @Fromevijawithlove

  9. Oh my! Great post! Pinned and tweeted. Please join us tonight at 7 pm, and party with us. I can’t wait to see your new masterpieces or amazing classics! Lou Lou Girls

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